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The no-nonsense wholesaler of the promotional products industry in Europe. That is our nickname, and we are proud of it. Giving Europe was founded in 2001, and since then we have been continuously working to further professionalise our company, first and foremost to ensure excellent service for our customers.


We work together with serious customers, whom we regard as partners. “We take care” is our motto: for partners – the loyal customers who are the foundation of our company – you always take that extra step. We have a very strong trading position with our manufacturers and suppliers. Our partners naturally benefit from all the advantages that we achieve through this.


Our head office and logistics center (with an area of 20,000 m2) has been located in Tiel (Netherlands) since its foundation. We have excellent print facilities in Tiel, but we also have state-of-the-art printing facilities in Boleslawiec, Poland, where almost 200 full timers are at work. Tiel and Boleslawiec: we have the best of both worlds for printing!



Giving Europe is an independent internationally successful family business, where employees work in a professional and motivated way. We advise on the use of promotional gifts and provide a structural contribution to the success of our partners.

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Our goal is to deliver your orders to you without complications, whether the products come from our warehouse or directly from China. At our logistics centre in the Netherlands we have experienced people working, supported by the newest technology in logistics.

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Product certification is increasingly important within the promotional gifts industry. While most of the suppliers have just begun certifying, our department of Laws and Regulations is having our articles tested on a daily basis, to make sure we can deliver the requested certificates.

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According to Giving Europe Founder Stef van der Velde, “CSR is about more than just sustainability. I refer to being CSR-proof as the ‘life insurance’ of the promotional gifts sector. As an industry, we have to fight against excess and ensure that generally applicable values and standards with regard to people and the environment are respected in full.

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Amfori BSCI

Giving Europe has been a member of Amfori BSCI since 2015. An international network organisation (1.800 members in 30 countries) with focus on labour conditions in producing countries, members share information in the field of social compliance and social responsibility. This information consists of audits which are performed and shared by the members. The organisation is quite well-known by end-clients.

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What’s the distance between your business and the Far East? Merely 5 steps! Our online ImportDirect service connects you to the Far East for safe and easy import of promotional products from China. You get all the benefits, without taking any financial risks. We provide you with the security you need to import safely. Our user-friendly online tool makes it all possible in 5 simple steps, in just 2 minutes.

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