Be Smart and Clever in March

From February to December we have monthly themes that fit the time of the year and showcase our products in an inspirational way. The end of February rings in the end of the first theme: Be Green, focused on sustainability. It also marks the start of Smart and Clever, in March.


The next theme represents our gadgets. Electronics is one of the most popular product groups in the world of promotional giveaways. People are preoccupied with their electronic devices. A branded gadget refocuses their tunnel vision on your business. All items in the theme (and many more) are easily found in our web shop, as well as in our IMPRESSION catalogue.


The Smart and Clever theme includes a digital leaflet and artwork tailored to social media to promote the smart gadgets and promote the brands of our customers. Through the four phases of See, Think, Do and Care, the customers who purchased a theme improve their online presence. By participating in the entire calendar that enhanced online presence ensures a business remains top-of-mind all the time. Especially at the most critical junction in the customer journey; namely when it is time for a buyer to commit to a company and proceed with the purchase.


View our entire theme calendar to see what we have in store for you. The themes are still available individually for purchase, so contact your account manager to get access to the themes that will make a difference for your brand.


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