Fit for the Future

Summer is the season of sports. After the Champion’s League finale, we get ready for the FIFA Women’s World Cup, the Tour de France, Wimbledon and one Grand Prix after another. The “non-professional athletes” are also active, in the gym and outdoors. Unless, of course, when their favourites are competing.


Promotion is not a spectator sport, so get in the game to make your sales team champions this year!


The Moving Forward theme of July is all about keeping people moving. The products are a great push for end-users and businesses alike. Within the theme, the giveaways are presented in a flyer and social media posts that grab the attention. The aim is not a single sales transaction, but to help our partners build a loyal relationship with their customers. We coach them through the customer journey using the four phases of See, Think, Do and Care as a game strategy.


Giving Europe has thought of everything, so you can beat the competition. We are a team and success is achieved together.


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