Giving a new logo

This year, Giving Europe launched a fresh and modern corporate identity, with an update to the company colours and a brand new logo. The new look is ready for the future and so are we.


The best way to introduce a new or renewed brand, is with a branded gift. And we understand that a personalised giveaway packs a punch. That is why we surprised our own employees with a gift set of new and popular items, that have the Giving Europe logo and the person’s name printed on them.


As you can imagine, with gifts like that the logo was all the more well-received by our personnel. The project signifies our renewed focus on print and fulfilment; everyone is reminded of the power of a high quality product and print.


All of Giving Europe looks forward to providing every customer, prospect, employee and business relation with the experience of receiving a truly impressive gift.


What do you want to say with our products? Go to the web shop to pick the item that you can personalise with your message or (new) logo, and give your brand awareness a boost.


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