We are introducing Green IMPRESSION to help customers find the eco-alternative in our assortment and to give information on the different gradations there are to eco-friendly products. Most companies are not transparent about how ecological a “green” item is. We want GREEN IMPRESSION to be different. We want our customers to know at a single glance how ecological an item is and to decide for themselves what fits with their own business strategy.


We have divided the eco-friendly items in our assortment in three categories:

  • Eco-Basic: The first category contains products made of 10 – 30% ecological materials.
  • Eco-Friendly: These products are made of 31 – 60% ecological materials.
  • Eco-Proof: In this category we have exclusively included products that are made of over 60% ecological materials.

Whether an IMPRESSION item is 30% or 60% ecological, it is always 100% certified and the safe way to give.


Each category has its own shield of leaves and its own label on the web shop, to be instantly recognizable.








This is a simple and concrete way to quantify just how eco an item is, to help you and your customers decide if the product is right for you. Read more about the ecological materials on


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