Laser wood engraver: makes a logo even more impressive

A wooden item deserves an imprint that matches the natural appeal. Your clients chose an eco-look item with good reason; because it fits with their brand and because it is a top trend. An imprint with coloured ink is not the right match. However, a giveaway without logo lacks the impact that benefits brand awareness. The message, concerning the brand, the company, or the event, needs to be powerful, otherwise the campaign is wasted!


The new wood laser is the solution that we have for you. With this new laser wood engraver we can add a permanent design to the item of choice, which enhances the appeal of the product as well as the brand.


The laser wood engraver in action


The wood laser (officially a galvo laser) currently accompanies our fibre laser in the printing facility in Tiel. Simply put: the fibre laser is suitable for metals and the galvo laser is suitable for engraving non-metal materials. The laser engraver is in the Netherlands at the moment, so our expects could thoroughly test the machine. They determined the optimal settings per item, with regards to the intensity, frequency and speed of the laser beam. This way we get the best result for each individual item. The wood laser machine will be moved to Poland. There we process the larger orders.


Our product experts have selected about 40 items that are ideal to have laser engraved. Wooden pens, such as the 8988 and cork pen 8986, for example. The laser also enables us to personalise the surface of cheese plates and cutting boards while keeping it food safe, unlike with ink. Wooden key holders (8771 and 7300) will now have a logo that will last, no matter how long they are part of your bundle of keys.


Logo on a stress ball


As said, the galvo laser is suitable for non-metal materials, hence it is not exclusively a “wood laser”. The new laser is capable of personalising the anti-stress items in our assortment, such as the 3965. Although it might come as a surprise to you that we can laser engrave a stress ball, it is the perfect way to add a logo to this item.


Due to the flexibility of the material and the use of the stress ball, an imprint suffers a lot of wear and tear. The laser burns away the top layer of the material, for a permanent 3D logo that withstands everything. Even with the most stressed users, the logo will last.


Order your wooden giveaway with logo


Wood is a natural product and no piece is the same. Every wooden item is unique. Because of the colour difference and grain of the wood, every laser engraved design will vary in darkness. This unpredictability is exactly what is so appealing about the material.


Order a wooden giveaway from the IMPRESSION assortment and let us laser engrave it. This is how we deliver a promotional product with the right eco, rustic, or rugged look that complements the brand of your customer. They will make an impression that stands the test of time.


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