Omni channel – Pre sale

The industry is changing, client communication is changing and businesses have to change with it to stay on top and stay top-of-mind.


In 2019 Giving Europe offers more than the familiar trio of catalogues – the IMPRESSION 2019, the Summer catalogue and the Season Gifts. We introduce a year-round product experience to inspire customers. Our omni channel pack bundles 11 online themes, the catalogues both digital and in print and a customized IMPRESSION web shop, into a cohesive whole, which is now available for pre-sale via the corporate website. The themes consist of marketing materials that are ready for businesses to apply to all their online customer touchpoints; mailings, websites and social media platforms.


The importance of online media to communicate with the client base is still increasing. Omni channel tools innovate the way a company communicates and lets customers experience a brand at any given time, through the contact channel of their preference. An online presence enables consumers to feel more connected to a business. The motto “online first” therefore translates more accurately to “customer first”.


The shorter the distance between the client and the company – and the products it has to offer – the more efficiently the customer journey can be navigated and this benefits both the seller and the buyer. Giving Europe facilitates this with the 2019 omni channel pack. We continually evolve our services to honour the promise we make our partners, now and in the future: we take care.




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