Partners in business event – Barcelona

Giving Europe increasingly values the dialogue with its clients. “We want to include all our clients in the dialogue and are currently working on intensifying our partnerships, to ensure that together we can take on all future challenges in the evolving market,”.


The kick-off of the reimagined company-client dialogue took place at the end of September, when a little less than 100 partners, hailing from 13 different European countries, congregated in Barcelona for a three day event, hosted by Giving Europe. The key purpose of the event was to meet face to face and inspire each other by engaging in dialogue and discussion regarding the new developments that distributors and suppliers must face,.


We take care


Several experts (among which Ronald van Zetten, Jeroen van der Schenk and Jerry van Leeuwen) gave lectures and workshops on customer experience, e-commerce and CSR. With an interactive quiz Ellen van Wessel, Central Marketing Manager for GE, walked the attendees through the market studies that GE recently conducted, focused on the delivery chain, developments in the industry and the themes of e-commerce and CSR.


“The event turned out to be a successful format to flesh out the dialogue. Under the banner of ‘we take care’ we will build on the foundation that was laid. We will continue to adopt this new formula, not exclusively for the ‘Barcelona-guests’ of course. We intend to include all clients in this dialogue. Giving Europe finds that a real partnership is requisite to achieve success together in the ever-changing industry. We propose that the dialogue, namely interactive communication, is the crux of this partnership.”


Press release by PromZ editors, published 17-10-2018 (translated from Dutch)




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