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In addition to the 3 cover choices, you can also add VIP options.
Choose the omni channel package and receive a free custom website! All you have to do is submit your company logo and colours, so we can create your personalised website. On this website the complete IMPRESSION assortment is available to your customers, including up-to-date product information, including, but not limited to, product prices and printing options. The perfect sales tool to show great products to your customers, with your own brand!

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cover_summer cover_impression cover_season

Design your own cover! Download the artwork cover specifications here, or send us your artwork and we will design the cover for you. This option is available from 100 pieces (and multiple thereof).


Download artwork cover specifications


Uw eigen cover kunt u mailen met eventuele instructies naar:

You have chosen the standard cover. This means that your cover will look as follows:

Standard cover:

cover_summer cover_impression cover_season

2b. VIP options

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With the VIP option you can give every copy of the IMPRESSION 2019 a personal touch. For example, you can add a name, address, or number. To add this, upload your Excel file (xlsx, csv or xls).

VIP example:

cover_summer cover_impression cover_season

3. Choose your themes

We offer you thematic digital leaflets and social media images which are ready for you to use, like our Ready2Forward tools that you know and love.

All graphical designs are subject to changes

Themes are not available. Would you like to order themes? Switch package

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