Safety first: download product certificates

Our IMPRESSION assortment is 100% certified. But that is not news to you. What is new is the tool we have added to the product pages on, that allows you to check the complete product certification of every single item.


Pioneers in product certification

Giving Europe has recognised the importance of the safe way to give, right from the very start. We launched the IMPRESSION collection with the philosophy that only a safe and reliable giveaway can truly make the best impression. That is what our partners need, what their customers need, and what the end-users need.


That is why all of our items go through thorough testing to ensure they meet the EU laws and regulations for products in the promotional market. We have always been a frontrunner in the industry in this regard. We put safety first!


Complete certification

Declarations of the product certifications were already downloadable online, for a quick overview of the items’ certificates. The complete certifications with test results were available on request.


However, given the ever-increasing added value of and need for safe promotional products, we have now published all product certificates online for you to review. Since safety is so important, it’s only logical to be transparent and provide you with all the information available on our giveaways. With the new download links on the product pages, our online item information is complete. Go to the IMPRESSION web shop and the information will convince you that we have the safe giveaways that your customers are looking for.


Where to find the product certificates

The download links for the full set of certificates for each product are easy to find. Simply go to the product page of the giveaway on and open the tab “certificates”, right by the product specifications and print positions. In the tab you will see the links for all the available documents on that product’s test results.


Every item has its own certification, including item number and photo. Items from different product groups have different types of certificates to reflect the relevant testing done on the item. For example, information on RoHS is important for electronics, but of course does not apply to drinkware. For drinkware you need to know the items are food safe and free from phthalates and BPA, to name only a few. This detailed information is now readily available to you when you are logged into your IMPRESSION account.


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