Season gifts 2018

We have launched our end-of-the-year catalogue! The Season Gifts 2018 catalogue combines the newest additions to the IMPRESSION assortment with the most festive ones. All items have been selected to make the right impression at the end of 2018 and the start of 2019.


Recurring themes from the past year that will continue to be popular throughout the holiday season and 2019 are health, sustainability and technology. The Season Gifts catalogue includes a smartwatch activity tracker, varied choices of water bottles to replace throwaway plastic bottles, and of course electronics – power banks, wireless speakers, cables and more.


New trends that are making an impact are protection and security, represented in the catalogue by anti-theft backpacks, a suitcase with TSA locks, an RFID wallet and safety items; and soft touch finishes, which we have incorporated by adding rubberized pens to our selection.


By launching new products not just at the start of every year, but throughout the year as well, our IMPRESSION assortment remains current and relevant. The Season Gifts catalogue is full of the kind of on-trend must-haves that make up a client’s holiday wish list.


The Season Gifts 2018 catalogue in numbers:

  • 41 novelties
  • 7 languages
  • 6 cover choices and own, personal cover option
  • 19.000 copies sold
  • 100% certified product selection


Item 8477, one of our new, rubberized pens, is a stand-out item in the Season Gifts catalogue. The pen edges its way into the modern era with its minimalistic design and rubber tip to operate capacitive screens. Pens have always been a popular and successful promotional tool and this pen will continue to be, thanks to the look and feel – literally – and the smartphone compatibility.


The real power of any promotional product lies in the personalisation and in this regard the 8477 especially has an impact. The outer layer of black rubber covers a coloured barrel, which matches the colour of the rubber tip. When laser engraved, a logo will show in the underlying colour. A unique and colourful approach to making a permanent impression.


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