Summer Success

What do trolleys, neck cushions and earplugs have in common? They make traveling better.


What do IMPRESSION trolleys, neck cushions and earplugs have in common? They are all printable.


A logo that travels the world, takes a business places. That is the message of June’s Happy Holiday theme. The social media campaign promotes clever travel accessories and your brand. Your customers probably already have their summer vacation on the mind, so the poolside-themed artwork will catch their attention. And they know it will also appeal to the end-user.


The Happy Holiday theme does the promotional work for you. Giving Europe has planned out four phases, with artwork and text, to keep your business top-of-mind as buyers go through the customer journey, from consideration to purchase. All you have to do is post the materials to your company’s social medial platforms. We help you, so you can focus on your sales and on your summer destination.


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