The No. 1 Choice

A summer body is made in winter. That’s what they say. But let’s be honest, most people delay until it is (almost) too late. The end of spring is drawing near, so the heat is on to make those life style changes in time to shine this summer.


Health is a trend all year, every year. But this is the month to get people to make the right choices: say no to burgers and fries and say yes to the company that supports their #goals. Our Healthy Choice theme does double the work in April. It promotes your brand awareness and boosts your sales, with the four phases of See, Think, Do and Care. It also helps your customers find the giveaways they need to promote their own brand and increase their sales as a result.


Social media materials (images and accompanying texts) present the products of the theme, such as a breakfast cup and pedometer, in an attractive and convincing manner. With the Healthy Choice theme, your company is the easy choice for your customer. It is irresistible!


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