What sells in August?

Fall is coming. The days are getting shorter. The clouds are getting darker. But look at the bright side: rain is an opportunity for promotion. At some point during the year, everyone, everywhere, will need an umbrella – sooner and more often than they would like. You better be prepared. Our customisable reversible umbrella 7963 is the perfect umbrella and the perfect promotional gift for the rainy season.


Custom reversible umbrella


The reversible umbrella in our assortment combines all the advantages of the reverse close design with promotional impact through personalisation. Putting a brand name on an umbrella that users have to fuss with and curse at does not create the desired brand awareness. A logo belongs on a product that people will enjoy using, so they will always be in a good mood when they are reminded of the company. Yes, even in the rain.


Our custom reversible umbrella 7963 has a black top layer and a coloured inner layer, which is available in five different colours. The canopy is made of pongee silk and the frame is made of fibreglass, both high quality and durable materials. We offer printing options for one of the eight panels, as well as the plastic handle.


How the reversible umbrella works


As the name suggests, the reversible umbrella functions opposite of how the classic umbrella works. Also known as the inverted umbrella, or the reverse close umbrella, the reversible umbrella opens inside out, with the ends of the frame pointing away from the user. Although the motion to open the umbrella remains the same, by sliding the base up the shaft and clicking it into place, the reversal has a big effect on the efficiency of the umbrella. See the umbrella in action in our product video.


Why the reverse close umbrella is best


Umbrellas are over 4000 years old, but of course they are still being reinvented and improved on. The reversible umbrella solves the problems the modern user faces with the classic mechanism. The benefits of the reverse close umbrella are readily apparent during the very first use. Once you go reversible, you can’t go back. Don’t believe us? Check out this list of advantages:


  • Thanks to the reverse mechanism, the umbrella is easy to use getting in and out of the car – you only have to open the door a little bit.
  • The wet side faces away from you when closing, so you do not get droplets on yourself.
  • Fold the wet umbrella and tie it with the Velcro fastening to trap the water inside; no more wet floors or car seats.
  • The umbrella stands upright on its own.
  • The double layered umbrella is stronger in rough weather.
  • As a custom reversible umbrella, it will be even better!


Order today! You take care of your customers, we take care of you.


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