What sells in January?

In January the days are slowly – but finally – getting longer. The nights, however, seem darker than in December, with the Christmas lights now gone. Everyone could use a little light to make it through the first month of the year.


That is why item 8297, a pocket-sized LED torch with key ring, is a popular giveaway this month. It is available in four colours and comes with the batteries included, so it is ready for use. Dropped your phone in the parking lot? Can’t find the keyhole of the backdoor? With a flashlight always at hand, you don’t have to search in the cold.


This giveaway is a problem-solver that reminds the user that your company is too, with the products and services that you have to offer. Aside from being a practical gadget, it shines a spotlight on your brand, using a prominent trend in 2019: illuminated logo’s. The 8297 was especially designed to have the metal casing laser engraved; whenever the flashlight is switched on, the engraved design lights up


Explore the IMPRESSION web shop to find more items that will make your logo stand out.


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