What sells in June?

Summer officially starts at the end of June. We have a selection of cool items which are perfect for the warmest season. The newest giveaways have been introduced in our 2019 SUMMER catalogue. The 8991 water bottle is one of those items.


In the summer, customers are distracted, thinking about their upcoming holiday. A company needs to remind them that, even during a heatwave, their stores, offices, and websites are still the place to be. That’s why this drinking bottle is our recommendation for this month.


The water bottle refreshes wherever, whenever. When you’re traveling, sunbathing, working, or working out. It has a capacity of 600 ml. Plenty to drink, with enough to spare to spray on your face or neck. That’s right: this bottle has a spray function. The tube reaches the very bottom, so make the most of even a tiny bit of water left. The cap and bottle itself are both suitable for personalisation with a company name or logo.


Surprise customers with this fun and unique promotional item!


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