What sells in October?

A colour changing umbrella makes the dark days brighter and makes a logo stand out. Order your custom colour changing umbrella right away and every rainy day this fall becomes an opportunity for promotion. The rain reveals a rainbow of colourful figures on the black umbrella.


Aside from the innovative canopy, the 8973 is a classic umbrella, complete with curved, plastic handle. The colour changing umbrella is made of pongee (190T). The shaft and frame are metal, the ribs are fibreglass. With a push button on the handle the umbrella opens automatically for ultimate ease.


Your custom colour changing umbrella

The colour changing effect of umbrella 8973 is eye-catching, but what makes this umbrella a powerful promotional item is the addition of a company logo. That is why we left one panel blank; to customise with a logo and message. We print the design onto the panel using silk screen printing and transfer printing. These techniques are especially suited for personalising umbrellas. The result is a high quality print that will make this stand-out umbrella even more memorable.


How does the colour changing umbrella work?

When you’re getting ready to head out the door into the rain and you grab the colour changing umbrella, the umbrella has a monochromatic, black-and-white design. You can already see the fun shapes, but the magic doesn’t happen until you step outside.


As the rain hits the canvas and the material gets wet, the colours of the figures reveal themselves and soon the colour changing umbrella is no longer black and white, but black, yellow, green, pink and blue! After the umbrella has had time to dry, the figures turn white again.


So how does this actually work? The secret to the colour changing umbrella is that the colours were always there, they were simply hidden. The umbrella has been printed with a coloured design and then an extra layer of special ink was printed on top of the figures. This ink is called hydrochromic ink and what that means is that it reacts to water. The ink is an opaque white, which covers the underlying colours. However, when the ink comes in contact with water, it turns transparent, which reveals what is underneath. This is why the ink is also oftentimes referred to as “water activated” ink, or “water reveal” ink. When the water dries, the ink returns to its opaque, white state.


This innovative use of a new type of ink gives the classic umbrella a fun twist. Everyone could use a little bit of fun October, when the rain starts and never seems to end. The last summer seems so long ago and the next is also still so far away.


Foldable colour changing umbrella

The colour changing umbrella is also available in a foldable variant. This small, versatile umbrella is easy to bring along, so people are prepared for unexpected rainfall, wherever they go. The foldable colour changing umbrella has the same pattern with water activated ink and also has one panel still empty to have a custom design added to it.


The foldable 8976 is made from 190T pongee and has a metal shaft and frame. The handle is plastic. It includes a matching sleeve to keep the foldable umbrella tidy.


Buy the colour changing umbrella now so you can add colour to October and have an impact on your clients.


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