What sells in September?

Make your deadline first, enjoy your hot tea later.


Does your cup of coffee or tea go cold before you’ve even caught up with your emails in the morning? A glass thermos bottle will improve the start of your day! Actually, it will improve your entire day: the thermos bottle keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, so you can sip at your own pace. Your drink will stay the perfect temperature, so you can still enjoy it, even after focussing on making a deadline first.

Your employees, business relations and (potential) customers could all use a little pick-me-up now that summer time is coming to an end. This glass thermos bottle gets them ready for autumn. Make them feel appreciated and motivated as the weather worsens and the days shorten.


Our new glass thermos bottle

The thermos bottle 9135 was introduced this month in our Season Gifts 2019 catalogue! It is a brand new item, selected to fit with the ongoing trends of the year: health and nature.

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is of the utmost importance for maintaining your health. A delicious tea, that stays at the perfect temperature for hours in your thermos flask, makes that easier – enjoyable in fact!

The bamboo lid is on trend. The use of bamboo and other types of wood for household items is hot (just like your tea). Bamboo is a sustainable material that also looks great. The bamboo cap gives this glass thermos bottle a natural appeal and makes the product feel and look high quality overall.

The 9135 makes tea time even easier thanks to the included tea infuser. You can use loose tea leaves or tea bags in the stainless steel infuser and leave it in the hot water as long as you want, for a strong flavour. Your drink will stay warm as you wait. You don’t have to rush yourself. The bottle has a capacity of 420 ml, which is enough tea to last you all morning, or afternoon, but because it stays warm, you can savour it until the last drop.

Rather have a cold drink? Fill the thermos bottle with water and fruits. Your detox drink will stay chilled and refreshing.


Custom thermos bottle

Thanks to our new wood laser engraver, we can engrave a company logo in the bamboo cap of the glass thermos bottle. A custom design will make this giveaway even better looking and more effective.

We also offer pad printing and silkscreen printing on the glass bottle itself. Incorporate company colours for a recognizable look.

These customised thermos bottles are great for employees to use at the office, so a brand is represented from nine to five. Every visiting customer or business relation will be impressed. Give the thermos bottle away to visitors, to further improve the visibility of a brand, even outside of office hours. People will love using this bottle at work, at home and everywhere in between.


How does thermos work?

The vacuum bottle was initially invented for scientific experiments. It was named the Dewar flask, after its inventor, although he never patented the design. In 1904 the design was adapted for personal use. Since then, it has become a household staple: a favourite among coffee-lovers on-the-go and campers who revel in a bit of warm comfort in the wilderness.

The vacuum flask, which was named the thermos by the American company that further popularised it, is most accurately yet most simply described as a bottle within a bottle. The thermos consists of an outer bottle and a slightly smaller interior bottle. The two only connect at the bottleneck. The space between the inner and the outer bottle is nearly devoid of air; it is a near-vacuum. Hence the thermos’ other common name, the vacuum flask. The near-vacuum space between the interior and the exterior reduces heat transfer through conduction and convection. That’s how your hot tea remains hot and your iced coffee stays chilled. The heat or cold of the liquid can’t escape.


Glass thermos vs stainless steel thermos

The stainless steel thermos is a popular product and it’s probably what most people think of when you’re talking about a vacuum flask. But did you know that the people who introduced the thermos as an everyday solution in 1904– not just lab equipment – were two glass blowers?

The idea of a glass thermos bottle, while over 100 years old, is more relevant than ever. Because glass actually has several advantages over stainless steel.

Any bottle that is reusable and replaces throwaway plastic bottles is an improvement. Stainless steel is a durable alternative. Unfortunately, producing stainless steel uses fossil fuel and releases greenhouse gasses. While still much better for the environment than single-use plastic bottles, there is an even better alternative: glass!

Some of the benefits of glass, that make our glass thermos bottle an environmentally conscious choice:

  • It is made from sand and limestone, which are abundant resources
  • It will not degrade over time
  • It is 100% recyclable
  • It can be recycled indefinitely, without loss of quality
  • It can be completely recycled in less than 30 days – from bin to new product


Order your glass thermos flask today

Bottle 9135 is now available in our web shop and in our new Season Gifts catalogue. Order the glass thermos today and have it personalised with your company logo for maximum promotional impact.

This thermos bottle is right for your brand:

  • Modern design
  • On-trend bamboo cap
  • 420 Ml content
  • Double walled vacuum flask
  • Including stainless steel tea infuser
  • A sustainable alternative
  • Customisable with logo on cap and bottle

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